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Reversal of an opinion

Are holiday cards a waste?

For the record, after reviewing our marketing efforts in January, I’ll publicly admit a shift in my thinking. I’ve always thought holiday cards were hokey and a complete waste of marketing time. So I’ll readily admit I wasn’t optimistic about the value of creating an electronic New Year’s missive.

However, I was intrigued enough to try one because our Xmas card: Do you know if Santa read your wish list? Johnny does… drove a significant bump in Free Account signups. Our Xmas “card” was a humorous and cleverly disguised product demo highlighting a kid using VisibleGains’ Outlook plugin to share his gift wish list and receive notifications when Santa read it.

As a new year’s follow-up, we decided to create a parody of the Old Spice Man—inspired by a draft script I created long ago. With some copy tweaks, we were off and running. We sent it to our core email distribution list. Happily, the HTML Open Rate on the New Year email Parody was 12.74%.

Data from our video app tells us roughly 1 out of 3 folks viewed the video and most stayed until the end. Google analytics (below) shows a spike in traffic the same day we sent it out when we didn’t have any other campaign running. Additionally 2.5% of viewers signed up for our Free Account that day. I know 2 to 3 percent is pretty standard but for the investment of time—and as a way to fill the lull between vacations when people are slow to get back to full throttle—we were happy.

So for a couple of hours of creative fun we drove our Free Account program which drives business. Better performing than the trade show/speaking conference we’ve gone to. Which will probably be another blog (perhaps Rant) as I absolutely hate tradeshows – too expensive for the returns.