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A LinkedIn search button for Salesforce

As a Marketing guy and at the end of every day – Sales is my client. Since the data in Salesforce is sometimes a “little” off, I’ve created little tricks that sales-folks seem to love as it makes their life easier. This one came about from watching an inside rep I was working with.

The rep had two screens open while they were making calls. They were cutting the name out of Salesforce and pasting it into LinkedIn as the data inside LinkedIn appeared to be current and they could see groups, comments, and other people within the company for circle of influence selling. It seemed like a lot of work and was slowing their productivity proven by their daily activity log (Even though the data in LinkedIn helped them achieve their quota every month).

I created a simple Salesforce.com button which when clicked will open a LinkedIn page and deposit Lead, Contact or Account Data into the appropriate fields and look for that person who is currently employed at the company. This simple button helped the rep exceed their quota the very next month.

To get it done you’ve got to be an Administrator and follow the below steps:

GOTO > Your Name > Setup > Customize > Leads > Buttons and Links > Custom Buttons and Links > New

  1. For a Label call it “Linkedin Search” or whatever else you want
  2. For a Display Type click the radio button > Detail Page Button
  3. For Behavior Select > Display in New Window from the drop down list
  4. For Content Source Select > URL from the drop down list

In the large box cut and paste the below text: http://www.linkedin.com/search/fpsearch?fname={!Lead.FirstName}&lname={!Lead.LastName}&company={!Lead.Company}&currentCompany=C&searchLocationType=I&countryCode=us&keepFacets=keepFacets&page_num=1&pplSearchOrigin=ADVS&viewCriteria=2&sortCriteria=R&redir=redir

Remember the button will not be shown unless you GOTO > Your Name > Setup > Customize > Leads > Page Layout > Edit

Then Click “Buttons” and drag and drop “LinkedIn Search” into the custom buttons box at the top of the Lead Sample. Saving your work afterwards.

That’s it…Most Sales reps will call you a hero for doing it. Call me if you have any difficulty.