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You are selling to people

Sales are the backbone of every successful company and it’s always a good idea to study up on how to improve your sales ability through one to one communication. In order to thrive, sales must engage personally though not necessarily in person – this concept is not always easy to grasp. You can create personal engagements with the use of specific content that is relevant to the folks your sending it to. This information could be in an email, tweet, landing page, text, or phone call. Your not communicating to a company, your conversing with a person who has their own fears and concerns that you need to address. Just because they aren’t sitting across from you doesn’t make the fear disappear. It’s in you best interest to find out what their concerns are so take the time to do so.

Learn to say no

All leads are not created equal – not every customer is a fit. The sooner that you learn this and put it into practice, the quicker you will be able to move on to clients that are going to help you produce references and generate flows of revenue. Marketing will qualify through lead scoring in an attempt to let you know which targets have higher probability for you. Actionable insight is key for one to one sales communication. You need to learn to decipher who is a prospect in the market to buy your product and who will just waste your time. Look for the trigger event. Just because they downloaded a paper does not make them a lead. It might sound harsh but time is money and yours does matter. Do not get clogged up with prospects you know cannot or will not be interested in your product. Close the Right Thing Have you ever been asked for a commitment way to early in the process? I always think of car sales asking me – “how can I get you to buy today?”. Instead of using a static tactic, try getting a smaller commitment instead. Not a commitment to buy, but a commitment for more of your prospects time for one to one communication, in return you give the prospect more of your time. Use this time in a persistent manner to show them more of your value, customer successes, or examples of your services that they care about. The less pressure you put on them, the more likely they are to want your services. There is no excuse to not ask for a commitment – just make sure its the right one.

Timing is Everything

They may be the right prospect however they are not primed to buy. You may think it’s a bad idea to push them back to Marketing to include them in a nurturing campaign and that you need to control the flow. Talk yourself out of it, control is an illusion and the prospect is already searching the web for data points. You (may) run no risk at this stage of pushing back to Marketing with a request to nurture. I always felt its worth the risk as you need to be focused on time management. You have prospects that are primed to buy and you need to be talking to them. This point is VERY specific to the prospect and you need to be very conscious of what you are doing. Marketing groups will electronically communicate with the prospects until they pop up again with a more specific interest that you can personally address.

Skip the Company History

Prospects do not necessarily care about how your company was founded and how much of a profit you made last year. Keep your presentations relevant to the them and their concerns. Get the prospect emotionally involved with personal stories relating to the benefits of your products of services. Mention their competitors and or friends on LinkedIn that are using your products. Make your prospect feel like they have to have your product or they will be left out. It’s about them – not your company.

Give Them a Laugh

No one wants to buy a product from someone who is not excited or enthused about what they are trying to sell. People can tell when you’re passionate – it’s hard to fake – so relax with them. Do not focus on how you are going to sell your prospect, but instead focus on the value you are delivering and how you can motivate them to understand your services and the fit between you both – one to one.

Sales One on One Communication

Most people want to feel like they are special and indeed, every prospect is unique and special in their own way. Let them know how you can provide one on one personal service through tailored messages based entirely upon their requirements and interest characteristics. This doesn’t mean that you cannot be efficient. One efficiency trick is to setup Outlook with email signatures. Signatures were meant to ease the burden of filling out the same content over and over. Just create your entire email in the signature….this is one that I use.

Example Email Signature: I’ve tried reaching you a few times on the phone and then thought it might be most efficient if I followed up with an email about why I am calling and who I am, and if it’s appropriate to set up a time to speak. We have a simple, affordable tool that streamlines how salespeople connect, share relevant content, and interact with prospects to foster high-value conversations. Some reasons to speak with me: 1. You are in the “Dead Zone” with prospects and have no idea if they care about your products. 2. You’re spending too much time manipulating salesforce.com to figure out who to talk to. 3. You have no idea what collateral is working for you.

I am convinced that it’s worth 20 minutes of your time to investigate what it can do for your organization and how I believe it would benefit your group. In addition, I could share the work we are doing with your peers & colleagues and what similar groups are doing. I’ll follow this up with a phone call this afternoon and hope we can arrange a time to speak. Thanks very much, in advance.