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Email signatures

In a previous post I glazed over a powerful tip for use with outlook as well as goole email programs.I came to this conclusion as I was talking to a prospect about inefficiencies and described our process for sending out “just” slightly different emails.

I’m not really sure who gets credit for the find I just know that it’s been in the bag of tricks for quite a while and while working with VisibleGains a client mentioned it which reminded me. The reaction I got when I started letting people know about it told me how important they thought it was so I thought — better write it down somewhere – even though it’s pretty obvious.

You should already have a standard signature setup…this just kicks it up a notch for repetitive emails.

5 steps to take advantage of Outlooks signature function

  1. open a new email
  2. click on insert then click on signature
  3. click on “Signatures”
  4. click “New” and type a name as well as a complete email. Remember to include an actual signature in the “Signature”
  5. Select the “Signature” you had named every time you want to send the text from that email.Don’t forget to add a to, subject line, and name.

2 steps to take advantage of Gmails “canned responses” function 1. Type and email 2. save it as a canned response 3. Pull it out when you need it and it’ll fill in the email

Obvious but I use it all the time.