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html email is dead

Send value with every communication

I’ve been thinking about the many emails that I have received as well as sent. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve seen apologies for sending to the wrong folks. I’ve seen wrong dates, times, offers and an additional email trying to fix it.

I used to think html (graphical email) was cool looking and people were more likely to open it. What I find now is that html email isn’t trusted they think it’s SPAM. I’ve proven it in my space with tests.

What I’m finding now is: 1. Timing is everything 2. Text emails are better and get opened more than HTML 3. Shorter is better – Plain words have impact – Content rules 4. Links to more data is fine – Personal links work well 5. Saturday emails get opened and read 6. Mobile devices need to be considered 7. If you have to use HTML - link a picture to a short video – 8. Conversion rates are higher on text based emails

This data always changes frequently and by market so I’ve been asking people their opinion. Cutting through clutter can be difficult even if you have something I really really want.