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Awareness without a positive experience

Let’s be honest – opinions matter

As I was shopping for my laptop I went to CNET and read the USER reviews. I was looking at Dell due to their customer service and a review cost them a laptop sale. What’s the first thing you look at after you know your going to buy somthing?

Branding campaigns are too often referred to as an unknown investment. We all know what brands do for companies however ultimately your brand needs to support opportunities being closed not deter from them.

Everyone’s a unique snowflake - this includes companies. Branding is all about getting your prospects to see you as the perfect solution for their requirements. Branding (or the action around it) is another form of demand generation – harder to measure – but still about getting opportunities and closing them. Isn’t that really the goal after you cut away all the image for image sake fluff?

Creating a successful brand requires that you know the needs and wants of your targets. Most targets these days don’t want to be sold – they want to buy. Your brand should support this approach by integrating your brand strategy throughout your company at every touch point of the consumer. Impactful brands may be started by a company but often get carried further (or diminished) by customers that are advocates or vengeful. I came accross a statistic highlighted in an article that said one negative comment in a forum has the potential to cost a company 30 customers.

The brand is the total of a users experience and perception, some of which you can influence, and some that you can’t. Using a brand requires you consider the “circle of influence” around the buyer and create material that supports their good decisions i.e. your company. A brand can be invaluable as the battle for attention gets hotter and gets more expensive. Spend time researching, defining, and building the brand as technically any effort should be held to the same demand marketing KPI’s you’ve established.