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Good lists and clean data

Lists - your bread & butter

There is nothing but upside to a company that has a handle on the profiles of their customers and prospects. Most organizations have a sloppy idea of what constitutes a good database (not to mention multiple databases) as well as no idea who the people are. I actually worked for a company with 4 databases with lots of bad data – How on earth does this make sense?

Bad Data is easy to ignore and I hereby give you permission to do so.

Companies will tell you that due to data quality they earn more revenue. I don’t disagree. All I’m arguing is that for the people that want to talk to me, that find that I’ve provided something valuable, that have taken the time to put in accurate data – I will nurse you with good stuff like a baby chick.

All others that are incomplete are useless junk – I’m going to label you “Bad Data” and coral you to a location where I can forget about you. This includes unsubscribes, Fred Flintstone, Homer Simpson, and anyone else that doesn’t want to continue the conversation with me. I use the funds and take the time and effort to develop good relevant content and if you don’t want it, go away. Focusing on the baby chicks allows higher conversion rates, higher transition rates, reduced sales stages, and strong client advocates.

OK so now you’ve defined a place for the Junk and this is important as you should know who not to talk to just a you’ll know who to talk to. Databases tend to get larger not smaller so it’s important to segment them. People change jobs and roles. Their buying behavior speeds up and slows down due to constant shifts in priorities based on trigger events. Interactions that aren’t documented can impact your credibility if you’re not up to date (we’ve all made this mistake).

Data is about the most important thing you’ve got to work with. Buyers are taking control of their buying process. The closer you can get to them, the more accurately you know their problems, the higher the opportunity for you to be consistently relevant.

How to start

You probably have assets on your website as well as forms to collect information prior to a download. If not start collecting. Its not going to happen overnight but these are people that want to talk to you and have found something you’ve said valuable. You have an obligation to talk to them – it’s a sin not to. Host a webinar, post an article, create a forum, have a contest, attend an event. Doesn’t matter just get going ABB (Always Be Building) is very close to ABC (Allways Be Closing).