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Without a process

Tools are just that…tools

CRM is your database or record but that doesn’t mean its the only database. Customer relationship management (CRM) is about managing relationships with both customers and prospects. CRM combines business processes, people, and technology to achieve this. It’s an overall strategy to help you learn more about their behavior so you can develop stronger, lasting relationships that will benefit both of you. Its very hard to run a successful business without a strong application of any CRM platform whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Marketing Automation Platforms created a new approach for me with regard to marketing. If I had to do another Trade show at one point I was going to explode. Automation allows Marketing to create repeatable processes to create demand. Essentially it extends the marketing department (Although some Platforms require a headcount to do it). One important consideration is data mining with any marketing automation platform. It is imperative that segmentation and specific criteria can be defined and tracked for tasks and processes. Activities need to be interpreted, stored and executed against.

Marketing Automation requires that you understand, map and set up either simple or complex series of rules to trigger action items for internal sales and marketing professionals to process (designing files, sending letters, sending email campaigns). This type of system increases marketers ability to deliver relevant content to relevant individuals at relevant times. Limitations may apply, based on the resources of an organization and their level of commitment to the tasks as they are assigned.

According to Marketo (Marketing Automation Platform) only 25% of new leads are sales ready, so you need a way to find the hot ones and pass them to sales before a competitor contacts them or they go cold. Lead scoring or assigning a value to a targets profile or actions allows you to do that. As a marketer you will then know when to engage as well as when to pull back, you’ll also know who NOT to focus on. Lead scoring is key to nurturing, to determine the targets level of interest and your interest in your target. Marketing automation platforms allow you to do this.