I’m a Marketing Guy with proven experience in delivering innovative demand generation campaigns that increase brand value, accelerate profitable growth and expand market share. I’ve got and leverage a deep understanding of marketing analytics, branding and technology marketing to lead early stage start-ups such as RStudio, VisibleGains, ByAllAccounts, Spotfire and VERACODE as well as more established companies such as TIBCO and Stratus Technologies. I’ve a proven track record of developing and executing aggressive go-to-market strategies has led companies to establish themselves in early markets, expansion from plateaus, and marketed differentiation.

My approach considers that the best marketing comes from the right mix of innovative strategic thinking, creative campaign design and data driven decision-making. Customer and prospect understanding is the key. Acquire the right audience; convert them into an avid user base and hang on to them as a community engaging them with the right message at all levels consistently.

I’m not looking but if I was, I’d be looking for:

  • A role that has a significant impact on the business and is expected to wear many hats and contribute broadly.
  • A B2B multi channel organization that sells SaaS, software applications, or solutions.
  • A company with a strong desire for rapid and innovative demand generation campaigns that increase brand value, accelerate profitable growth and expand market share.
  • A company that will utilize analytics and business intelligence to make decisions and believes in the philosophy that “facts are friendly”.
  • A company that has implemented or is considering a CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, lead scoring and has a committed discretionary spend for Marketing.
  • The company will have a strong desire to develop and execute assertive go-to-market strategies that lead to quick expansion and differentiation for the market.
  • A company that understands the requirement to develop an ideal customer profile, target/strategic accounts, and content marketing to establish thought leadership.

Typically I fit in companies that CANNOT answer some of the following questions:

  1. What is their ideal customer profile and demographic of target accounts?
  2. How much pipeline coverage is needed to achieve the goals?
  3. How many new customers need to be acquired to achieve forecast goals?
  4. What actions are prospects and customers performing on their web?
  5. What is the top performing asset on the web?
  6. What is the top performing activity in the playbook?
  7. What number of leads is generated per month of these how many are qualified?
  8. What numbers of conversions to opportunity occur from the leads generated?
  9. What is the revenue/cost per lead conversion (recurring or otherwise)?
  10. Status of existing customers and their attrition rate (renewals)?

With over two decades in high-tech, I’ve developed a unique background with skill in executive management, sales and marketing management, and program management. This experience provides the ideal background for developing and executing go-to-market strategies for new markets and products.